Gas,oil,petroleum and petrochemical products

Export,import and wholesale the oil,gas,petroleum and petrochemical products


Export and import of barley, cereals and agricultural products


Export and import different kinds of metals such as Iron, rebar, Aluminium,copper etc


Investment in mass production projects


About us

The AAT PETROL Company is a one hundred percentage private company established in Turkey. It has two branches in Russia and Iran. AAT PETROL was established in 2017 for the purpose of investment, contribution with our offices in Russia and Iran with keeping the benefit of the company along with one hundred percentage private capital in general trading such as exporting and importing gas , oil ,petrochemical, chemical, metallic, any kinds of fuel, Aluminum Ingots, food products etc. Also, AAT PETROL Company is active in the field of instructing building, big recommended investments projects and giving high-quality services in any kinds of activities. At the present, AAT PETROL Company with high experience in investment affairs has made its best efforts to keep an active and glorious presence in the international trading and services scope. As a result, the company has based its strategies on the axis of making changes and increasing investment efficiency. Our main objective is to take the step in global trading with our three companies: AAT PETROL in Turkey, AAT PETROL in Russia and AAT PETROL in Iran. The AAT PETROL Company and subsidiary companies have allocated themselves a great portion and services in the fields general trading.


We work to establish strong, long-term relationships with our valued clients, while continuous efforts to offer them the highest level of service. Our reputation for quality and standards, legal and trusting activities has attracted a number of clients across all over the world.